The story of

Blind Ten

Blind Ten is a creation of work based on the unwritten strategy of the card game spades as a guide to survival on the streets. It uses the analogy of being at a disadvantage in the game of life to paint the picture for readers to visualize the hidden landmines and pitfalls the inner city youth face. More importantly it showcases the brilliance and perseverance it takes to even the odds to achieve success. Readers of all backgrounds will walk away with a new found appreciation for the survival mechanisms taken for granted as the curtains are pulled back to expose how disproportionally challenging the game of life is for the inner city youth.

About the Author

Stophe Michael

Stophe Michael was born and raised on the west side of Detroit and discovered his passion for story telling at an early age. When not reading or pinning novels, he spends his spare time with family and friends traveling abroad sampling diverse cuisines and has written some of his best work for his freshman Novel “Blind Ten” while relaxing on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean Islands. His writing style shares a trifecta of experiences in its literary art form, combining authentic urban experiences, 25+ years of leadership in corporate America, and worldly travel about the globe.

Stophe Michael’s Debut Novel Blind Ten

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. Well pack your bags and treat yourself to a well-deserved mental vacation. Stophe Michael’s writing style takes you on a gritty journey and plants readers squarely in the mind of characters

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