Debut Novel


Fat Bread, the most innovative street hustle of his time, has the city of Detroit in the palm of his hands and is rapidly moving up in status as he grows from seed to sprout. Growing up in the 80’s the crack epidemic exposes him to crime and violence at a young age. The joys of his riches are clouded with deception and mistrust as he attempts to cram the 50 years of street knowledge he has learned into 17 summers. As if the weight of the streets are not enough, he finds himself entangled in a battle for his heart by his main squeeze Tia and his side piece Yoki.
A chance encounter with a heavy politically associated hustler leads to a mentorship and introduction into the stock market. Bread, looking for a way out of the street life quickly takes the basis of the system and starts his own enterprise coining it the Block Market. His success is short lived and he is back stabbed finding himself in the battle of his life to save his creation. Violence finds its way back into the inner workings as time ticks for one last chance to save his business

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Stophe Michael’s Debut Novel Blind Ten

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. Well pack your bags and treat yourself to a well-deserved mental vacation. Stophe Michael’s writing style takes you on a gritty journey and plants readers squarely in the mind of characters